Narikala Fortress

Fortress exists here since the middle of the 4th century, on a steep hill overlooking the city. It was occupied by Iranian, Byzantine and Arab conquerors in various periods of time. Royal palace was also resided here. The main feature of the fortress is St. Nicolas church that stands in the lower court. Newly built (1996-1997), it replaces the original 13th century church that was destroyed in a fire.

Metekhi Church

Metekhi - the district where the church stands is a very old neighborhood, where according to historical accounts, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali erected the first church here and his own residence in 5th century. The church itself was built around the 12th Century but has since gone through a cycle of damages and restorations. Metekhi is not so big but it is very rich in history and it beautifully sits on a cliff overlooking the Mkvari River in a section called Old Tbilisi.